2012 Centre in the News

  • Professor Mandyam Srinivasan presented a talk entitled ‘Bees are such a Buzz’, at the world renowned conference TEDx, held in Sydney on 26th May.
  • Professor Michael Ibbotson was made Director at The National vision Research Institute (NVRI), and also Professor at The University of Melbourne.
  • Professor Mandyam Srinivasan was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for service to visual and sensory neuroscience. Details
  • Professor Ian Morgan’s recent paper ‘Myopia’ has received national and international coverage since its publication in The Lancet. He has recently conducted radio interviews with China Radio International, PM ABC Radio, AFP and Bloomberg, and Time, as well as TV interviews with BBC World and Aljazeera. There has been a large number of newspaper articles published across the world, as well many online articles.
  • Listen to Dr Krisztina Valter on ABC Rural talking about protecting your eyes from strong light damage. Details.

2010 Boycott Prize

  • Professor David Vaney, of the Queensland Brain institute and our Centre, has been awarded the 2010 Boycott Prize for career achievement in retinal neuroscience. Details.

2010 Bosch Institue

  • CI Jonathan Stone has been appointed Executive Director of the Bosch Institute at the University of Sydney. Details.

2010 News update

  • Welcome new CIs: Drs Colin Clifford, Paul Martin, Ulrike Grunert, and Sam Solomon.
  • Promotions (2009):
    • Level D to E: Professors Ted Maddess and Shaowu Zhang. 
    • Level A to B: Dr. Shaun Cloherty

2010 Eccles Seminar

  • 'The Australian Effort to Build a Bionic Eye, and the Role of the ANU' by A/Prof Michael Ibbotson.
  • Location: The Finkel Lecture Theatre, The John Curtain School of Medical Research Building 131 Garran Road, ANU
  • Time: Friday 26th February at 3.30pm

2009 Award

  • Dr. Jan M. Hemmi received ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for Innovation and Excellence in Service Quality 2009. Details.
  • Wiebke Ebeling received "ACEVS Young Visionary Achievement Award 2009" for outstanding contribution to the Young Visionaries program.
Young Visionary Achievement Award 2009 Ted Maddess, on behalf of Trevor Lamb and ACEVS, awarding Wiebke Ebeling the Young Visionary Achievement Award 2009 at Kioloa.


2009 Transfer of Personnel

  • Ms Natalie Bland (RA) has replaced Ms. Carla Evangelista (RA) who will be resigning on 28 October 2009. She will be working on polarization vision in honeybees.
  • Dr. Nikolai Leibsch (PDF) has replaced Dr. Peter Kraft (PDF). He is working on the visual mechanisms that stabilize honeybee flight in the presence of wind.

2009 Paper accepted

  • Paper accepted for publication:
  • C. Evangelista, P. Kraft, M. Dacke, J. Reinhard and M.V. Srinivasan (in press, research article) The moment before touchdown: Landing manoeuvres of the honeybee Apis mellifera. Journal of Experimental Biology.

2008 Young Tall Poppy Science Award for Dr Ajay Narendra

  • Dr Ajay Narendra, a post doctoral fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Vision Science at the ANU node, has won a 2008 Young Tall Poppy Science Award. Dr Ajay Narendra, 28, is the youngest recipient NSW/ACT of the prize, which is an initiative of the Australian Institute of Policy and Science.

Successes in external research grants for centre researchers

The following centre researchers are successful in receiving external research grants announced recently:

ARC DP09 grants
Mark Edwards: $475k
Ajay Narendra: $235k
Colin Clifford: $445k
Sam Solomon: $300k
Paul Martin and Ulrike Grünert: $490k

NHMRC project grants
Michael Ibbotson: 2 grants, $468k and $549k
Jan Provis: $516k
Colin Clifford: $279k
Ulrike Grünert, Sam Solomon and Paul Martin: $334k

Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia/Brenda Mitchell Grant
Krisztina Valter: $41k

The Centre will be brnging in four new Chief Investigators

Professor Paul Martin (University of Melbourne), Associate Professor Colin Clifford (University of Sydney), Associate Professor Ulrike Grunert (University of Melbourne), and Dr Samuel Solomon (University of Sydney), will be joining the Centre in 2009 as Centre Chief Investigators.

Professor Mandyam Srinivasan has been awarded 2008 Rank PrizeProfessor Srinivasan


Professor Mandyam Srinivasan, a Chief Investigator of the Centre, has been awarded 2008 Rank Prize in optoelectronics for his work on insect vision and its implications for robotics. The prize is awarded by the Rank Foundation who seeks to identify those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the sciences, on the one hand of human and animal nutrition and crop husbandry and, on the other, optoelectronics, where an initial idea has been carried through to practical applications that have, or will, demonstrably benefit mankind.  For details please visit the Foundation website


Professor Mandyam Srinivasan has been awarded $1.25m Smart State FellowshipProfessor Srinivasan


Professor Mandyam Srinivasan, a Chief Investigator of the Centre at its UQ node, has been awarded the prestigious Smart State Premier's Fellowship to continue his two-decade long research into how flying insects, such as bees, detect, chase and intercept moving targets. He will use a $1.25 million Smart State Fellowship to explore possible links between aggressive honeybees and the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). For details please visit the Queensland Government website


Professor David Vaney

Professor David Vaney has been elected President of the Australian Neuroscience Society

Professor David Vaney, a Chief Investigator of the Centre, has been elected President of the Australian Neuroscience Society for 2008 - 2009. He will also serve on the Council from 2007 - 2010.



Prime Minster’s Prize for Science for Centre’s Chief Investigator, Professor Srinivasan

Professor Srinivasan

Professor Srinivasan, a Chief Investigator and Associate Director of the Centre, has won the highest national Science Award, The Prime Minister’s Prize for Science. Professor Srinivasan was awarded this prize for his cutting-edge research that incorporates principles uncovered from basic research on flying insects, to design novel, biologically inspired visual guidance systems for autonomous self-navigating vehicles.

Prime Minister John Howard presented Professor Srinivasan with a gold medal and a cheque for $300,000 at a ceremony in the Great Hall at Parliament House.

For more information please visit The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science website

Professor Srinivasan’s current research projects are described in Theme 2, for which he is Theme Leader, and also on his own web page.


Lamb, Chader and StonePublic Lecture by Dr Gerld J Chader

On 25 September 2006, Dr Gerald J Chader, Chief Scientific Officer of Doheny Retina Institute in Los Angeles, visited the ARC Centre of Excellence in Vision Science and delivered a public lecture on "Emerging therapies for retinal degenerative diseases". In his lecture he reviewed the rationale for current and future clinical trials for blinding diseases in the areas of transplantation, electronic prosthetic devices, pharmaceutical therapy, nutrition and gene therapy.

Dr Chader also visited the labs at the Centre and discussed current research at the Centre with various Centre Chief Investigators.

(L-R): Prof. Lamb, Dr Chader and Prof. Stone

Proctor Medal recipientsProctor Medal awarded to Trevor Lamb

Professor Trevor Lamb and his colleague Professor Ed Pugh (University of Pennsylvania) have been awarded the Proctor Medal of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO). The Proctor Medal is presented annually for outstanding research in the basic or clinical sciences as applied to ophthalmology.

Following the award at ARVO’s Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Professors Lamb and Pugh delivered a lecture on their research “Phototransduction, Dark Adaptation and Rhodopsin Regeneration”.






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