Graduate Students

Graduate Students

The Centre offers opportunities for graduate students who are undertaking research based masters or doctoral degrees at four universities: The Australian National University, The University of Queensland, The University of Sydney, and The University of Western Australia. For examples of the range of possible research projects see the research themes page. Contact the relevant Chief Investigator if you need further information.

Top-up Scholarships

The Centre offers Centre (ACEVS) top-up scholarships of $7,000 pa to the recipients of APA and IPRS PhD scholarships or equivalents.
These scholarships are highly competitive and are offered on merit to students with excellent academic backgrounds and demonstrated capacity to do research. In special cases partial funding may be offered to other forms of outstanding Higher Degree Research students.

Your Centre PhD supervisor will apply for your award, but if you have any queries contact the head of the Scholarships Committee, Prof Provis.

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