Can you believe your eyes?

This is a new visual illusion exhibit that was unveiled at Questacon in August 2007. This exhibit is a joint initiative between the ARC Centre of Excellence in Vision Science and Questacon, Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre. The display explains aspects of how the brain processes visual information by showing and explaining a number of visual illusions.

The illusions used in this exhibit have been selected and developed to reflect some of the hot research topics in vision science that this Centre of Excellence has been formed to advance.

The main thrust behind the development of this exhibit is to promote vision science to the general public and particularly to school students through fun and entertainment. Questacon is visited by more than 400,000 people, including over 100,000 students in organised school groups, from all over Australia, each year. The Centre highly regards its collaboration with Questacon and will continue to support new initiatives of mutual interests. Currently two of Centre’s Chief Investigators, Dr Mark Edwards and Prof Mandyam Srinivasan are working with the development team at Questacon to develop another vision exhibit focussing on perceptions.

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